Last year, while I was listing my goals for the year 2020, I never thought that this year will affect our lives in ways we never imagined. On one hand, global pandemic affected almost all of us negatively in one way or another but at the same time, it changed our perspective regarding a lot of things.

Starting from random news of a couple of cases to distant acquaintances getting infected to close family and loved ones catching the virus, each passing month left us more damaged than before. But despite all this, 2020 helped me a lot to grow…

You wake up every morning to achieve as much success as you can. You study hard, sometimes even for the subjects you don’t like at all, you force yourself to be more and more ‘productive’, and you try to be as perfect as you can be for people around you. You take care of your physical health, you join gym, you take healthy diet and you drink enough water. Seems perfect?

It is, as long as you are also taking care of your mental health a little bit.

But more often than not, it’s not the case. Small stresses, tensions…

Dear Baby Girl,

I can see you smiling from the heaven. I know, you are very excited to come into this world, explore the rainbows and skies and travel across the galaxies. I can see the brightest dreams in your eyes right now. Believe me, this world is even beautiful than your imaginations and you would love everything here.

You might be wondering who I’m. Well, just someone who was once at your place; looking admirely into this world, hoping to get a letter like this from someone but never got one. I’m your future. You are my past.


Dear Comsats,

It’s been 4 years, and still it seems like yesterday when I was a nervous shy girl starting my journey with you. It seems unbelievable how much you have taught me, both academically and personally, in such a little time. Now that I’m graduating as a proud comsian, I would like to thank you for all the lifelong lessons, good memories, amazing friends and some very great teachers.

From endless talks in corridors, to almost daily fights in cafe regarding what to order, to those combine study periods in library, each and every corner has got so much…

Hadia Jalil

Erasmus Mundus Scholar, iOS Developer and a writer living in the soul of a traveller

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